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Vibez operates on an online only booking system similar to other businesses like hair-salons or event spaces.

In order to book at Vibez, we ask that you complete your booking request to secure your session or service time-slot on our calendar.

Once the request is submited, a member of our team will review and reach out to you to handle the logistics of the booking process and ensure your session or service is completed on-time and to your satisfaction.


With our commercial choreographer you will work with a highly skilled and creative professional who specializes in creating dance routines for commercial purposes. They work in a wide range of settings, including music videos, television commercials, live performances, and films.

We work with theatre directors and producers to create dance sequences that enhance the storytelling and theatricality of a production. This can involve creating ensemble numbers, solo dances, or even movement-based scenes that help to move the story forward.

Workshops and classes for aspiring dancers of all ages and skill levels.You teach a variety of styles and techniques, and provide personalized instruction to help dancers improve their skills and reach their goals.

The choreographer collaborates with film directors to create choreography that adds emotional depth and meaning to a scene. This can range from simple movement sequences to more complex dance numbers, and can help to convey the mood, tone, and themes of the film.

We provide services for live events such as concerts, award shows, and corporate events. We will work with performers to create dynamic and engaging dance routines that captivate audiences and leave a lasting impression.

Working with a choreographer you will create visually stunning and engaging dance routines for music your videos. We will work with the artists and their team to develop a concept and create choreography that complements the music and enhances the overall visual appeal of the video.

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