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1 Song Mastering

Our mastering process ensures that the final mix is optimized for distribution.

  • 1 hour
  • 75 Canadian dollars
  • Dunwin Drive

Service Description

Our mastering process ensures that the final mix is optimized for distribution. There are several platforms where you can distribute your music online, including: Spotify: One of the most popular music streaming services with over 320 million active users. Apple Music: Another popular music streaming service with over 60 million subscribers. Amazon Music: Amazon's music streaming service with over 55 million users. Tidal: A high-fidelity music streaming service with over 3 million subscribers. SoundCloud: A platform for artists to upload and share their music with millions of users. Bandcamp: A platform that allows artists to sell and distribute their music directly to fans. YouTube Music: YouTube's music streaming service with over 30 million subscribers. Deezer: A global music streaming service with over 14 million active users. Pandora: A personalized internet radio service with over 70 million active users. iHeartRadio: A radio and music streaming platform with over 150 million registered users. It's important to research and compare each platform to find the best fit for your music and audience. We will adjust the overall volume, tone, dynamics, and Enhance the rhythm and feel of your tracks by intuitively controlling micro-dynamics and width to make sure that the song sounds great on a variety of playback devices. NOTE: our Mastering Process will take more than 1 hr,. but we will have 1 hr session to talk with you and better understand you direction and overall vibe of your tracks. UNSATISFACTORY SERVICE & PRODUCT POLICY Music production and engineering is a subjective service. Because of this, we cannot explicitly guarantee your satisfaction with any of our creative products. We do guarantee that our studio will expend all available resources to ensure your experience, service, and quality match what we expect from our engineers, producers, and creative professionals. We hold ourselves to an extremely high standard of service and take pride in providing exceptional quality work for all of our clients. In the event that you feel your service was unsatisfactory, we will personally review your product and come to a decision on a refund or redo of service at that time.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy for The iT Factor Academy Inc "TIFA"CANCELLATIONS, BOOKING, AND RESCHEDULING POLICY ​ Vibez By TIFA Recording Studio and Rehearsal Space bookings are not confirmed until the customer pays their invoice in full. Same-day bookings are non-refundable and non-transferable except within out-of-the-norm or extraordinary circumstances. When a customer books a session at Vibez by TIFA Studio, their contact information is automatically sent to a pool of engineers that “pick up,” and confirm the session with a customer. If a customer requests to book a same-day session, the session is not invoiced if there is not adequate time or engineers available. The customer’s deposit is good for a booking within 7 days. Deposits for studio sessions are placed to protect our engineers and producers, as well as our business. Many frequently asked questions are what these deposits are for: Deposits play an integral role in ensuring we are able to compensate our staff appropriately and provide consistent and reliable income for our music professionals. When cancelling or rescheduling your studio session, we ask that you notify us at least 48 hours prior to your session date and time. This allows our staff ample time to adjust our schedule to get you or another client booked. In the event that you need to reschedule your session, we offer reschedules for up-to 7 days after you’ve completed your payment. After 7 days, your studio session timeslot is forfeited and no longer available. We reserve the right to change or update our cancellation policy at any time without prior notice. If you have any questions or concerns regarding our policy, please contact us at

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