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2 hr Studio Session * WITH PRE-MIX


  • 1 h 55 min
  • From 160 Canadian dollars
  • Dunwin Drive

Service Description

At our recording studio, we offer top-quality recording sessions for singers who are looking to take their music to the next level. Our team of experienced engineers and producers work closely with each artist to ensure that their vision is brought to life in the final product. During a recording session for a singer, we begin with a warm-up to ensure that the artist's voice is in top form. We then set up the microphone and any necessary equipment to capture the singer's voice in the best possible way. Our engineers will perform a soundcheck to adjust levels and effects to create the ideal sound. Once recording begins, our team will work with the artist to capture their performance in the best possible way. We often record multiple takes and layer vocals to create a full and dynamic sound. Our team could also offer suggestions for additional parts, such as harmonies or ad-libs, to enhance the song if the artist or producer requests support. After your Session is finished our Recording Engineer will work on the pre-mix process , Wish refers to the initial stage of audio mixing that occurs before the final mixdown. It involves various techniques and adjustments to balance and enhance the individual audio tracks that were recorded during the recording session. Here are the key steps involved in the pre-mix Track Organization: The engineer will import and organize the recorded tracks in the digital audio workstation (DAW). This includes labeling and arranging the tracks in a logical order for easy access during mixing. Editing and Cleanup: The engineer may perform editing tasks to remove any unwanted noises, clicks, pops, or extraneous sounds present in the individual tracks. They may also clean up any timing or performance issues. Gain Staging: The engineer adjusts the relative levels of each track to achieve a balanced starting point. This involves setting appropriate gain levels for each track, ensuring that no tracks are too loud or too soft. Track Processing: Processing may be applied to individual tracks as needed. This can include tasks such as equalization (EQ), compression, and other effects to enhance the sound and address any tonal issues. Panning and Stereo Placement: The engineer determines the stereo placement of each track in the mix. This involves panning the tracks across the stereo field to create a sense of width and depth. Instruments can be placed in specific positions to create a balanced and immersive sonic image



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